Dear Mentee, Behave Yourself!

When I decided to take up design as a profession in 2010, I mailed a number of the leaders in the industry then for advice. Only Tola Alabi responded. I decided to face development of my skill using Google but I vouched that from then on, whatever I learn along the way, I will share so that less […]

Clients to Avoid and How to Avoid Them

Samson Aligba introduced me to a video of Michael Bierut some days ago. I’ve raided YouTube ever since for every single video of him because I love the simplicity of his work and he is a really really polite man who still doesn’t accept the shitty things people do and has a very polite way […]

How to Avoid People Manipulating You to Work for Free

A friend – a brand identity consultant – asked me a question and I think my opinion might be useful to somebody. QUESTION: Working with people I know or better still my friends or my brother’s friends, they always want free work and anytime I try to tell them that I am either not available […]

Are You Valuable Enough to Be an Entrepreneur

Please where can I enrol to be trained as a certified demotivational speaker? Because some people will not give themselves sense till we use floral bordered paper to slap it in their head. Some people are complete buttocks at their places of employment. When they finally leave, it is because of them they coined ‘good […]

How to Get Value from Working for Free

Dear Creatives, If you want to reap the benefits of working for free, offer it, don’t get asked for it. When people ask you to work for free, they usually offer something in exchange; most times it’s exposure. By so doing, a barter has occurred and they no longer see your service as a favour […]

How Much Should A Logo Design Cost?

Even though this design and its caption were developed just for laughs (out of a true life situation I must admit), like everything else in life, it has generated a lot of debate. In every debate, there will always be 3 parties. Those against, those for and those who will be neutral. This image has been […]

Solution to Printing Photoshop Designs

First and foremost, there is no such thing as a ‘photoshop printing problem’. There are only uninformed/incompetent printers. So what’s the printer’s bone of contention? The answer is simple. Their ‘offset’ printing machines work with CMYK, not RGB The three primary colours are Red, Green and Blue (RGB). A mixture of these 3 different colours […]

How I Got 50+ Clients and 900+ Facebook Fans in Ten Months

Dear me! The drag comes to an end. I’ve been promising to write this article since forever. I finally got pushed by a good friend (Pontus Wellgraf) to get it done. Before you get over excited thinking it is magic, IT IS NOT! In fact, it is grueling hours of strenuous work with hardly any […]