Dear me! The drag comes to an end. I’ve been promising to write this article since forever. I finally got pushed by a good friend (Pontus Wellgraf) to get it done.

Before you get over excited thinking it is magic, IT IS NOT! In fact, it is grueling hours of strenuous work with hardly any profit-at least not financial. But it pays off in the long run. What makes you a good and successful business man? The answer is; eyes on ‘the long run’. Have I discouraged you? Close shop and go look for employment. Owning a business is not for you. OH MY GOSH! I just discouraged you further. Sorry, start sending your CV.

Sarcasm forgone, let’s now journey through my relatively small success following the exact steps I took. (While 80% of the people are now murmuring about how overly pompous they think I am, the other 20% are now working on how they can use the information I’m about to divulge to better their lot)

1. I bought a business phone aka Blackberry – that is the reason they are that expensive. Not the PING PONG POW that most people only use them for.

2. I made over 50 display pictures with pompous and funny messages which I presumed people would like and stamped my PIN on them. For the records, I’m a nice guy. That green headed alter ego of mine is the pompous one.

3. I started using the display pictures as my profile picture on my blackberry messenger. I think I had 65 contacts then and they were all close friends.

4. As people sent add request, I accepted, sent them a brief info about what Yoxstudios does, and then told them how to get all my other display pictures on Facebook. Many of them clicked the ‘like’ button when they got there.

5. Then I offered them a FREE customized display picture with their names on it. Yes! I put my PIN on them too. So their friends saw, sent add request and got free display pictures too. Now you see the unprofitable strenuous work I’m talking about?

6. 5 months later, a couple of them became clients (and being satisfied, they referred others), I had 2000 contacts (which is the maximum you can have on blackberry messenger), 253 pending request (which I couldn’t add because I had gotten to the maximum acceptable contacts) and eventually, a crashed Blackberry (which I have since repaired). Yep! ‘The long run’ I speak of.

7. 10 months later, Yoxstudios Facebook page reached 900 (and I am yet to pay for advert).

Opportunity abounds everywhere; you just have to be imaginative to tap from it. Social media is a powerful cost effective marketing tool used by even the biggest companies in the world to increase their business fortune; strategize on a plan and medium that best sooths you and use it to grow your business fortunes rapidly (probably from the comfort of your bedroom).

Good luck with your social media strategy.

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