In the wake of the recent unrest in the south eastern region of Nigeria. I thought, before we use vex to scatter the country, let me attempt to use design to create something we can look forward to and have fun with as a nation and maybe even calm a few angry nerves. I titled it One Nigeria.

Don’t like reading plenty things? Just scroll way down to download your wallpaper. Enjoy!

The design conceptualization of each badge was directed by the official slogan of the respective states. Content was the name of the state, the slogan and the year the state was created. Colours were decided by the official colours of the taxi of each state, except for Zamfara, Kebbi, Jigawa and Katsina which was decided by the jersey colours of the offical football clubs of the state as I couldn’t get their cab colours.

I kicked off on instagram with Anambra and Imo, two of the states in the region of unrest. I had met people from both states who would not associate with each other so it made sense to me to use my experience there to pass the message that division of the country is not the solution as the people we want on our side of the divide are not devoid of the problems we all currently face in unison.

My first message on Anambra’s badge was this:

My brothers and sisters from the East, I’m not yet powerful enough to rectify our grievances but by the powers vested in me by myself, I hereby decide that an Igbo state of ours comes 1st in my designs towards our independence day celebration. Nna ehn, not every time Lagos and Abuja.

In this era of energy saving bulbs, my Anambra people, hapu exerting energy on fighting biko. Don’t mind all the people looking for your trouble and tempting you to carry your light away. Maka why? We all need the light na.

Continue to shine your light no matter how many shadow casting elements exist within the vicinity. If you do it right, you’re always going to reap the best of it because the light shines brightest at the source.

No I can’t speak Igbo; Copied all the Igbo from Google. Hehe!

I posted Imo next and here was my mesage on the post:

Aha! Just found a poem I wrote in SS3, almost 20 years ago, titled HIDDEN LOVE.
Like open hatred is hidden love
A show of fury is a case of being shy
A slap on the face is really a hug from the heart
So does it show how much of a smile
That’s behind every frown
Blindness to your beauty I do claim
But the sight of you keeps me staring
To the world, I call you names
In my heart I say, “oh great goddess”
My act is that of neglect
Yet the pain of a bleeding heart is yet to be cured
I act as if the best I can do is hate you
Deep down within me, my worst is to love you

A nam a su Igbo ofuma but I know agbata obi ony b? nwa nne ya. My people of #Imo, Anambra people have been using style-style to give you light since 1991. You people should stop fronting for yourselves and start loving up!

The remaining states followed and they all had various messages and information about the people of the state.

Python somersault and IPOB I-no-go-gree that inspired my design of the badges of the Nigerian states in a bid to foster unity has since cooled off. Did the designs do that, maybe not but people from every state wanted to see their badge even with the Nigerian flag on it.

The solution is not division; selfish people are evenly distributed in leadership across every square kilometer of Nigeria. Obviously, the solution is more people doing more for the people and not themselves starting from the state governors using the state websites to portray the best of their people and not their personal pictures and projects that the common man might never read/see let alone feel.

Below are the mobile and PC wallpapers for all the states including Abuja. Please feel free to download for your state and share so our Nigerian friends and family from every state can get theirs too.

Not from Nigeria? Today is our independence day. Feel free to download the Nigerian wallpapers to use in solidarity of our celebrations.

Fellow Nigerians, bless you!


download your state’s wallpaper here ⟶

33 Responses

  1. Dope fam But plateau home of peace and tourism is always represented by the Riyom Rock because the rock takes the shape of the state as on the map

  2. These designs are awesome, I’m a graphic designer but this still amazes me everytime I look at it.

    It’s not just the design alone that intrigues me but the pathway to how they were created.

    This would fit perfectly for Nigerian States Football jersey badge and color combination.

    If Nigerian States played football
    together I feel things would be better than they are now.

    Football brings everyone together.

    U’inspire. Really #thisisyox.

      1. Wow! Yox, I can’t wait to see what you would come up with.

        I think I’m going to take you up on a challenge. I’m not so good ‘oh’ but I just feel I would really learn from this.

        So #thisisyox, do you accept the challenge?

        ‘Make I crack my brain small, lol!’

  3. If my official creative designer went ahead of me to work this out and pave way for me to enter into my future, I call him, #mycreativegod. Yox, well done with this work. Keep it going and I’m going to promote this idea farther than ordinary downloads here. You already know what I am talking about. We get on the ride soon. God bless your skill and talent and reward you with more.

  4. uncle yox, you are a gift to the upcoming designers. thank you for your support as always. Hope another hangout will be up this year. i just cant wait to meet you once again.

  5. If not be small thing I for say make you just kuku father me, we can photocopy a DNA result for backup….

  6. faints… I feel like entering the design… It captivates… The Color combination is on point! This is great! Very Great!

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