time, talent, money 1.1

The challenges you are facing in the graphic design profession...

Learn how industry leaders overcome them.

Insights you will gain

  • Choosing the creative profession
  • Preparing for the profession
  • Remaining relevant and conversant in the profession
  • Starting business Vs Staying employed
  • Balancing full time job and personal business
  • Differentiating as a proper business
  • Process to follow for professional service delivery
  • Meeting multiple deadlines without selling out
  • Formula for charging fees appropriately
  • Basic things needed to launch a full-time business
  • Landing the big hit
  • Marketing activities to ensure quality clients keep coming
  • Actions to take before making works public
  • Processes to follow when work is stolen
  • Subjects a client’s contract should address

Ideation & execution

Why I conceived the book and saw it to fruition? I want to help you understand you are not alone with whatever you are facing and also inspire you to keep pushing towards achieving greater things.

Why I didn’t write it all by myself? At the end of the day, what do I know? Anyway, no matter what anybody knows, nobody knows it all and the route to achieving knowledge even of the same thing is different for everyone. So I pleaded with renowned leaders in the industry to help others succeed and they agreed to share their experience as answers to the pressing questions of designers trying to find their way.


Tola Alabi

Timmy Oluwunmi

Adaora Mbelu

Akinyele Olalekan Lexain

Data Oruwari

Obinna Isaac Okerekeocha

Leslie Williams Isah – Is Li

Evans Akanno

James Abinibi

Kanso Ogbolu

Niyi Okeowo

Maryjoe Chioma Udochi

Chuks Ogene Sunesis

Rolake Odofin Jolayemi

Johnson Michael Emjay

Adesugba Adedapo – Collyde Prime

Matthias Aragbada

David Osagie Aiya

Chris Okonkwo

Ndubuisi Anyaoku

Victor Fatanmi

Ibrahim Adeola Ganiyu

Ayanfeoluwa Oluwaseun

Akinyemi Ayinoluwa

No superstitious motivational jargon copied off the internet.

True stories of those succeeding in the graphic design profession.

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