I Lacked Some Things Growing up but Did Not Lack a Pencil and Paper

YOX Please introduce yourself. LEXAIN I am the Associate Creative Director at Dare Africa and Founder/Creative Director of Xaine-Ingenius. I am a specialist in Graphic / Product Design, Branding / Brand Strategy, Art Direction / Communication Arts with over 5 years of experience. YOX Why or how did you choose the creative profession? LEXAIN I […]

Deciding What Sort of Business to Build as a Creative Entrepreneur

YOX Please introduce yourself. ADAORA I am a Creative Industrialist and Founder at A2 Creative. I have 10 years of business experience that spans across various industries. YOX Why or how did you choose the creative profession? ADAORA I didn’t choose the creative profession, I would say it chose me. Everyone is born with some […]

Clients to Avoid and How to Avoid Them

Samson Aligba introduced me to a video of Michael Bierut some days ago. I’ve raided YouTube ever since for every single video of him because I love the simplicity of his work and he is a really really polite man who still doesn’t accept the shitty things people do and has a very polite way […]

Always be Willing to Try Out New Things

YOX Please introduce yourself. TIMMY I’m the CEO/Creative Director at TISV Digital, a digital design agency. My working experience dates back to the year 1999. YOX Why or how did you choose the creative profession? TIMMY I started out as a programmer, back in 1999, writing codes and building desktop apps. When the .net era […]

The Best Way to Differentiate Yourself as a Graphic Designer

YOX Please introduce yourself. TOLA I am the Creative Director of Tola Alabi Design LLC – an Abuja-based design company that specializes in brand identity design.  I have 12 years work experience as a graphic designer. YOX Why or how did you choose the creative profession? TOLA Well, I consider myself a very blessed person. […]

How to Write a Contract and Get Compensation if Your Design is Stolen

YOX Please introduce yourself. AKINYEMI I’m a Partner at HighTower Solicitors and Advocates. My expertise includes oversight of entertainment talent negotiations and superstar talent careers, assisting entrepreneurs and companies with financing, operations, sales and acquisitions, outside general counsel services, trademarks, new technology, mediation services and employment advice. YOX What actions should designers take before making […]